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2.88ct VS-SI/H-I Round brilliant cut Diamond Tennis Braclet

This 18K White Gold Tennis Bracelet holds 72 x 0.04ct VS-SI/H-I Round brilliant cut diamonds 2.2-2.3mm wide. Each diamond is electric white!!! Stunning sparkle!!! Great value for money!!!
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Each diamond is hand selected and calibrated before being set. Diamonds are VS-SI/H-I with no visible inclusions! Each diamond is matching and electric white in colour or your money back!

Gold is sold by weight - grams(gr), the heavier the piece, the higher the gold content, therefore it is more expensive.

Yellow Gold:

Natural gold and color-saturated alloys are what give yellow gold jewelry its rich shine. The alloys most commonly used, are copper with a red hue, and silver featuring a green hue. An expert mixture of copper, silver and pure gold gives this precious metal its yellow finish.

White Gold:

A white character is what makes white gold jewelry so appealing. In order to make the gold white, it is combined with metal alloys that are white in nature and plated with an extremely hard element called rhodium. Although strong, rhodium may wear away over time. Re-plating is a simple process that can be done to restore whiteness to your jewelry.

You will notice some retail stores have what appears to be very low gold prices, the ring might have a very heavy look to it with alot of detail from surface glance but when you look at the inside of the ring you notice it's hollowed out. This is to reduce the weight of a jewelry piece. Pure Jewellery does not hollow out rings, everything is solid. We do this to ensure each piece will last many lifetimes. Solid, quality gold pieces is what we do, our gram weight will always be higher.

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