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Pure Jewellery

We make use of natural Diamonds, Gemstones and Gold. Calibrated and Certified diamonds to bring you arguably the finest quality jewellery in the world. Unlike retailers, nothing is hollowed out, Gold is never skimped on. Quality is everything.

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CALL-US-NOW: 010-5959-433 021-2000-759 031-9404-241

About Pure Jewellery

With one of the largest selections of Diamonds in South Africa, partnered with the biggest supplier of Gold and Gold Jewellery in South Africa we are able to produce the most amazing jewellery pieces at a fraction of the cost. With one thing in mind, without you our customers we would not exist. A huge thank you to all our clients who have supported us through the years.
Contact: JHB 010 5959-433 CPT 021 2000-759 DBN: 031 9404 241

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